Как летать на своем острове скайблок хайпиксель

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в этом ролике мы играли в скай блок в майнкрафт minecraft, майнкрафт, скайблок, skyblock, на одном блоке, в майн, майн, .

Ник: Malus54 Тп на остров - /visit Malus54 Гильда - /g join SbTeam НОВЫЙ КАНАЛ .

аа теги(вставил с одного канала, может они помогут, кста не сижу в тиктоке, просто увидел, что здесь много тегов про .

Ну чтоже всем привет с вами я 2s0ric и это новая серия по HYPIXEL RPG! В ЭТОМ ВИДЕО - Бесконечные просторы в .

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Ребят на стримах раздаю деньги так что подписывайтесь с колоколом майнкрафт,hypixel,хайпиксель,хайпиксель скайблок .

SkyBlock Rules

Hypixel SkyBlock can be played in many different ways and to help things run smoothly, we will be explaining how the Hypixel Server Rules apply to SkyBlock via this page. Additionally on this page, we will provide more specific rules that apply only to Hypixel SkyBlock. Our goal is to provide a fun, welcoming, and friendly environment for all players to enjoy. To support this we have also included several suggestions on how to safeguard yourself from scams, island abuse, and auction house mishaps.

By choosing to play SkyBlock on the Hypixel Server or use the Hypixel Forums, Discord, or TeamSpeak, you agree to follow all rules listed within the Hypixel Rules and Policies.

Основные команды SkyBlock

/is create - создать свой остров
/is info - информация об острове
/is biome - изменить биом на острове
/is sethome / tpset - установка точки дома
/is home - телепортация на остров
/is warp / w - перемещение на остров другого игрока
/is party - информация об участниках острова
/is invite - пригласить игрока на свой остров
/is accept / reject - принять/отклонить приглашение
/is leave - выход из группы
/is ban / unban - блокировать/разблокировать игрока на Вашем острове
/is kick / remove - удаление участников острова
/is level - проверка уровня острова
/is lock / unlock - блокировать остров от посторонних игроков
/is log - показать журнал
/is makeleader / transfer - передать лидерство другому игроку
/is top - показать ТОП 10 островов
/is trust / untrust - доверять/не доверять игроку на Вашем острове

2) Abusive trading is not allowed

Trading across profiles is allowed as long as it is not abusive and does not boost the profile with specific materials, items, or coins. Why do we have this rule? (Click for more) (Click for less) To promote a positive experience for all SkyBlock players, we disallow boosting and abusive trading. We do this by tracking and monitoring trades of potential boosting or other abuse. What is abusive trading? (Click for more) (Click for less)

We have expectations and limitations for trading SkyBlock items or materials. If a trade is made with the intention of boosting another player, profile, or co-op, it is considered abusive trading.

  • Profile boosting - Using a profile to continuously transfer coins, items, or materials to another island.
  • Trading one game’s items for another game’s - The ecosystems of games are different and are not allowed to be traded across. We actively track and monitor trades of potential boosting or other abuse and issue punishments accordingly.
  • Selling coins, materials, or items for real currency - See Hypixel’s Terms of Service for more information.
Is non-abusive trading allowed? (Click for more) (Click for less)

Non-abusive profile trading is allowed.

We acknowledge the fact that players have done a lot of work for their islands and may want to take these materials over to another co-op or solo island to reduce the amount of grinding that may be needed to get the materials again. Additionally, we recognize when the items or materials are just being moved from a profile no longer in use. Situations that do not bypass our trading limitations are allowed as we know they happen often.

[Tutorial] How to fly in skyblock

It's good, but change the title to something like this ::

"Hypixel Skyblock :: Episode . :: How To Fly"

Much more professional instead of clickbait.

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It's good, but change the title to something like this ::

"Hypixel Skyblock :: Episode . :: How To Fly"

Much more professional instead of clickbait.

It's not a series, it's just a standalone video, wouldn't make any sense. I do this kind of thing on twitch where it's an actual daily series just playing the game. Also - that kind of title doesn't really reflect how modern youtube works (I don't really 'enjoy' making titles/thumbnails like this, but if I want my video to be seen, that's the way it'll have to be done).

Right now I have a tiny/unexistant audience, once I'm at a size where I feel comfortable on around 500

views without 'clickbait' I'll happily reduce/remove it. I'm not doing this for money - just trying to get the videos seen and have some fun on skyblock .

This wasn't a tutorial on how to fly anywhere, it's simply showing how to fly on your island (and how to use the soup). Otherwise it'd be clearly stated in the introduction, wasn't aware of the bug until after I uploaded it.

Before watching, bear in mind this only works in your island as I dont see this mentioned anywhere. Please dont forget to mention this, your kinda clickbaity title doesnt mention it and neither does the video. This wasn't a tutorial on how to fly anywhere, it's simply showing how to fly on your island (and how to use the soup). Otherwise it'd be clearly stated in the introduction, wasn't aware of the bug until after I uploaded it.

Not only this but: The item clearly shows that it can only be used on your private island.

4) Exploiting is not allowed

Exploiting is not allowed under any circumstances. In case an exploit is discovered, we encourage players to report this via the Bug Reports forum section. Taking advantage of any exploit may result in a punishment being issued to your account. An exploit is where there is a bug, glitch, issue, or otherwise problem with something in SkyBlock and a player uses it for their own benefit. Benefits can include duping items or using bugs to gain more materials, coins, and drops. The Hypixel Team has monitoring systems that report and flag suspicious activity and profiles. These accounts and activities will be investigated, if any are found to be exploiting, punishments can be issued. Compromised accounts are the players' responsibility. We strongly encourage you to take steps to ensure the security of your Minecraft account. What is a compromised account? (Click for more) (Click for less)

A compromised account is when someone else has access to your Minecraft account. This can include friends, family, and those that have gained access through dubious methods.

This allows them to do whatever they please with your account, including destroy your SkyBlock island, boost, or scam. We recommend that players make their account security a very high priority and ensure they make use of all safety features available. Additionally, we recommend you do not share your Minecraft account password with other people.

  • Using strong passwords
  • Ensuring security questions are enabled
  • Ensuring the Minecraft account is a migrated account
  • Keeping email password up to date and secure
What happens if my account is compromised? (Click for more) (Click for less)

Please take steps to ensure your Minecraft account is secure first. Please see the Hypixel Server Rules Section about Player and Account Safety. You can also view the Hypixel Support Security guide for additional help or information.

If your SkyBlock profile, co-op, or island suffers from someone else using your account, these actions cannot be reversed and will not be restored.

1) AFK Allowed and Disallowed Methods

AFK methods are acceptable when there is no use of glitches/bugs, 3rd party software, hardware, or objects such as tape, rocks, etc. Being away from your keyboard is allowed within an active and open window of vanilla Minecraft. For additional information on our allowed list of modifications, please see our guide: Allowed Modifications Guide What does this rule mean? (Click for more) (Click for less)

Being AFK (Away From Keyboard) is allowed on your private or co-op SkyBlock islands, providing your method of AFKing falls under the allowed methods listed below.

Please be aware that the Hypixel Server has systems designed to remove players from SkyBlock if they are considered inactive or AFK.

What is an allowed method of AFKing? (Click for more) (Click for less)

Allowed methods of AFKing are those that are available because of vanilla Minecraft methods provided it is an active and open window.

  • Standing AFK on your Island
  • AFK Pools
  • Minecarts
  • Farms that use vanilla Minecraft methods (Example: cactus farm where the cactus drops due to a fence post and collected in a hopper)
What is not an allowed method of AFKing? (Click for more) (Click for less)

Methods of AFK that are not allowed involve an outside source that is not vanilla Minecraft. If a player is found to be collecting resources, skills, farming, mining, or moving without an operator, this may result in a punishment. Some disallowed methods of AFKing have been listed below.

  • Autoclickers
  • Unplugging mouse to continuously interact with world materials while AFK
  • Hardware abuse to generate beyond normal actions of the hardware
  • Macros
  • AFK Pools/Minecarts using 3rd party items to collect world materials or skill experience
  • Scripted movement pattern
  • Weights or taped down mouse buttons

Тема: Основные команды SkyBlock

Зам Администратора

3) Scamming is not allowed

Scamming is not allowed anywhere on Hypixel. With that said player’s are responsible for making informed decisions when trading, purchasing, auctioning, or any type of item interactions with another player.

Scamming is when a player is dishonest in a transaction causing the other player to lose out. These sorts of interactions often lead to a loss of materials, items, or coins for players.

Players need to exercise caution when interacting with other players, such as face to face trades and auctions. Make sure that you trust the user you are interacting with before continuing with a potential trade. It is best if all players check auction descriptions and use available trading systems within SkyBlock.

The Hypixel Team is always looking out for the latest scams and creating new ways to help prevent them.

What to do if a player is scammed (Click for more) (Click for less)

Please be careful with all transactions with another player. If a player decides to go ahead with a trade, they are responsible for the outcome of said trade. Lost items, materials, or coins cannot be replaced or reimbursed.

That being said, the Hypixel Team tries their best to punish offenses related to scamming, but we believe knowledge and prevention helps more often. Please make sure to keep informed and wary of other players to ensure you are not tricked into losing your items, coins, or materials.

If a player is scammed or sees someone else is scamming, we ask them to use the command /report to report any player scamming via the Hypixel chat system. Please be wary of transactions with other users at all times to help prevent scams.

What are some common scams? (Click for more) (Click for less)

Here are some examples of scams a player could come across.

  • Asking for items because they are new
  • Giving away items because they are leaving
  • Chat descriptions are not what the actual item for trade or sale is
  • Casinos/Gambling islands
  • Trading for materials to make an item but they hold a valuable item of yours while you make it
  • Bidding on cheap auction items to exchange money for an expensive item
  • Asking to join a co-op island, taking coins or resources and leaving. This also includes others asking friends to join and then kicking you from the island.
What if I interact with someone who boosted? (Click for more) (Click for less)

Players are responsible for their own trades, interactions, and transactions with other users at all times. If you are suspicious a player may have boosted or otherwise attained their part of the trade using dishonest methods, it is your responsibility if you trade with them or not. There is a chance that you may also suffer consequences from a trade containing boosted or duplicated items.

Additionally, this goes for sharing a co-op with someone you do not trust well. If someone on a co-op boosts, trades, dupes, or scams to receive items, materials, or coins, the co-op may be wiped. Please take this into consideration when choosing members for a SkyBlock co-op with you.

Gambling, an action where users bet coins/items/ect for an uncertain prize, is a form of scamming and is not allowed.

  • Casinos
  • Chance games
  • Lotteries
  • Raffles
Are giveaways allowed? (Click for more) (Click for less) Giveaways and advertisements of giveaways are not allowed in Hypixel SkyBlock if they are done with the intent to promote/advertise a service or a community. If you see someone advertising a giveaway for these reasons, please make sure to use the command /report to let staff know. If you participate in a giveaway of such nature, you will be at risk of being banned from the Hypixel Server.

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